On Nov. 22 2020 our CEO, Daijyonna Akira Renee Long, had her life taken while at a party in NY. We have struggled with finding direction in our three person business now only being two. Dai was the fun life of the party. The color yellow was her’s for a reason. She was the light! She had the biggest smile in the word and was extremely caring and smart. Within our business she was the active one who would get things done! She started her skincare line Sweet Face Beauty in her mother’s kitchen. She made two sizes of her “Miracle Face Mask”. This was a clay based mask for tightening and detox mask. She was also in the works of a Tumeric + Yogurt mask for lightening dark spots. Daijyonna also sold 25mm Luxury Lashes with the best packaging! She sold other things like piercings and was looking into so much more. We also collaborated on waist trainers and I documented our waist training journey. She was a woman with goals and ambition. We miss her daily as she lived and worked with us. There is nothing that could ever replace this bond. Everytime you see a butterfly out think of our girl!

- Alyssa 💖

1/3 CEO of Is It BAD💙💖💛